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folder Microsoft Exchange 2010 (8)
Setting up and troubleshooting hosted Microsoft Exchange Server.
folder Total IT Services (2)
Download our setup guides for Total IT Services. mindSHIFT Online has an expert team of IT pros that can manage your computers and servers for you.
folder Outlook 2007 and 2010 (6)
Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Windows to connect to your mailbox.
folder Entourage and Outlook 2011 (2)
How to use your hosted Exchange Server with Entourage and Outlook 2011.
folder Mobile Device Setup (16)
Leverage the power of your smartphone with hosted Exchange mobility services.
folder Outlook Web App (OWA 2010) (4)
Leverage the new features of Outlook Web App 2010 to access your mailbox from any computer.
folder SharePoint (4)
Setting up and troubleshooting hosted Microsoft SharePoint.
folder Lync 2010 (2)
Microsoft Lync 2010 is an Instant Messaging service that integrates with Microsoft Exchange 2010
folder Email Encryption (2)
Setting up and troubleshooting your hosted encryption service.
folder cloudSHIFT Server (7)
Setting up and using your Hosted cloudSHIFT Server.
folder Archiving (3)
Setting up and troubleshooting your hosted archiving service.
folder Miscellaneous (8)
Common errors, articles about older versions of Microsoft Outlook and hosted Exchange Server, and more.

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document Receiving an Encrypted Email
Rather than receiving the encrypted email directly, the recipient will get an email from McAfee notifying them that they have an encrypted message available for viewing. The recipient will need to click the link in the email to view the message.  They will also need the activation code that...
document Email Encryption Setup for Company Administrators
To enable Email Encryption for your company, please log into your online control panel. From the menu on the left, choose "Email Encryption." Then choose "Enable." Note: This service can take up to 1 hour to provision for your company. To enable Email Encryption for a user, display the...
document Microsoft Lync 2010 Setup Guide
Microsoft Lync 2010 is an instant messaging service that integrates with Outlook and is accessible on your Mac or Windows PC. All of the web control panel steps must be performed by an administrator at your company. Enable Lync 2010 ...
document Adding A Second Exchange Mailbox In Outlook 2010
Outlook 2010 includes the functionality of adding additional Exchange Mailboxes to an Outlook profile with an Exchange Mailbox already present. These mailboxes would all load up at the same time upon opening Outlook. There are no special permissions that need...
document Microsoft Outlook Manual Configuration
There are many steps for manually configuring a mailbox in Microsoft Outlook. We recommend using the automatic setup tool for configuring your account. Configuring Outlook to connect to Exchange 2010 If the Outlook Auto Setup Tool is not...