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document Building Your First Server
One Click Server Build Building you server is a very simple process from the cloudSHIFT Portal Page inside your control panel. From either the Existing Server page or from the welcome page, click the "Build a New Server Link." Click the "Build Server" button attached to...
document Connecting To Your Server
You can connect to your server by clicking on the "Open" button corresponding to the server you wish to open on the "Existing Server" page. Please Note: The first time you log in you will be prompted to download software for connecting to your server. The software will run on...
document Username And Password To Log Into Your Server
Username And Password You will receive an email with your username and password to log onto your server. The same credentials will also be available under the "Modify Server" page. Please Note: You will be required to change your username and password at first login of your server. ...
document Networking Your Server
Your server is built to block all incoming network traffic. To modify this behavior and allow connectivity via your private or the public network you will need to make adjustments to the firewall and add rules for allowing traffic to your server. There are two different kinds of networking rules,...
document Modifying Your Server
This page provides instructions for Renaming Your Server and Updating Hardware Resources Renaming Your Server You can rename your server’s hostname and portal name. Select the "Modify Hardware" link from the "Existing Server" page. The "Modify Hardware"...
document Deleting Your Server
You can delete your server from the action dropdown corresponding to the server you wish to delete. You will be prompted to confirm this deletion.
document cloudSHIFT VPN Setup
Please click the link below to download the VPN setup instructions.  This VPN connection is useful for mapping network drives with your cloudSHIFT server and other business network functionality. View cloud VPN Setup