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Change Mail/MX/DNS Record for Your Domain

To receive email in your new mindSHIFT Online Exchange 2010 mailbox:

  1. Set up forwarding while your DNS changes take effect (typically 24-48 hours). This will prevent any emails from being lost. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP's) have an administration page where you can setup a forwarding address to ensure that your email is forwarded to your new mindSHIFT Online mailbox.  If you're unable to find the administration page, contact your company administrator or ISP directly. 

    Configure forwarding from your current email account(s) to your mindSHIFT Online email address. Your mindSHIFT Online email address can be found in both the welcome setup email you should have received and in your mindSHIFT Online Control Panel.
  2. Change your mail (MX) record to the mindSHIFT Online mail servers. This ensures that emails are delivered immediately to your new mailbox. You will need to log in to your website hosting company/domain registrar to change the MX record for your domain. 

    The information for the mindSHIFT Online Mail or MX servers is: 

    Exchange 2010 Enterprise:
    replace "yourdomain" with your domain
    Priority 10
    Priority 10

Microsoft Exchange 2010 customers must setup a new sub-domain to utilize the Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010 auto-discover feature. Please follow the steps here.

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