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Interpreting BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Statistics

When activating a new BlackBerry user there are key items to look for on the Statistics page:

STATUS: (**MGMT007) Initializing
When the values of Message Server & Status appear as above your handheld has not connected with your Exchange mailbox yet.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server has not received the pin number from the handheld because it has not connected yet.

Figure 1: First View of Statistics Before Activation
BES Statistics before Enterprise Activation

Figure 2: View of Statistics upon a successful Enterprise Activation
BES Statistics after Enterprise Activation

STATUS: Running
Your handheld is connected to your Exchange mailbox

PIN: 2007FC1 (the PIN number of the phone you are activating)
Confirms the connection between the handheld and your hosted Exchange mailbox

POLICY: Applied Successfully or Pending.
Prior to activation you won't see a policy.

After the activation and during the initial sync look for: Last Sent Time, Last Fwd Time and Pending items to appear. When you see these, the synchronization process has begun between the handheld and your Exchange Mailbox.


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